Moving Tips

1. Book your removal company as soon as you know the date - try and book a company that is fully insured so you know your breakages are covered.

2. Start clearing out all unwanted items especially in the loft and garage.

3. Start running down the fridge and freezer contents.

4. If you are moving to a new area find out about Doctors, Dentists, Schools etc and find out when you can register with them.

5. Start packing at least 3 weeks before the move.

6. Make sure you get enough boxes and packing materials for all your belongings and pack things that you will not be using again before the move.

7. Do not overfill boxes and make sure all fragile items are well wrapped.

8. Label the boxes clearly with the contents of the box and which room they will need to be moved in to on the day of the move.

9. Take meter readings and notify all your service companies of the date of the move. 1. Telephone company 2. Electric company 3. Gas company 4. Water board Television/Sky/Digital company

10. Make a list of everyone who should know your new address and call or write to them all eg Doctor, Dentist, Banks, Credit Cards/HP Companies.

11. Notify the DVLC and TV License.

12. We will charge you the same price, as we do for 20kg.

13. Ask the Post Office to reroute your mail. This takes about a week to organise so do it in plenty of time.

14. Organise parking for the removal vans in both properties.

15. A couple of days before your move cancel the milk and newspapers, disconnect all major appliances such as your freezer, washing machine so they can be defrosted, dried and clean for the move.

16. Finish packing but always pack a few items for your family for easy access such as toiletries, clothes, tea and coffee, cutlery and some crockery for the first couple of days you are there

17. Tape all doors shut on any cupboards and dismantle any furniture that you need to.

18. See our terms and condition Page

19. What is the transit time?

20. Organise any children and pets for the day, try and leave them with friends or family but remember to pick them up once it is all over!!Enjoy your moving day and let the removal company take the load off your feet!